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Check out the trip schedule below to see where you can go to help build a home.  Click the country name for detailed information, including itinerary and trip costs.

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 JULY 29 -  AUG 9, 2017

Join Me! Welcome this opportunity to join a team of 11 others heading for the exotic isle of Sri Lanka: the pearl of Asia! And, the timing is the best of the whole year!  The trip is during the spectacular Buddhist festival in Kandy, the Esala Perahera. Not to be missed! 

Being nearly 80% rural, the island is rich in natural beauty, clean air and rich vegetation. On this heart-warming venture, you will experience 3-4 diverse eco-systems of Sri Lanka as we travel from the coast to Kandy, one of the larger cities in the Central province. You will see this country is home to famous tea and cinnamon plantations, families of elephants, precious gemstones and, international artists (in literature, jewelry, and the visual arts). Having suffered a lengthy and bitter civil war, you will be in impressed by the vibrancy and determination of the people to restore their economy and rebuild their lives.  Be part of the change.

5 reasons to go to Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka needs you! Sri Lanka suffered the worst and the longest of all countries after the tsunami as four years of civil war erupted in its wake. The result is the country has thousands of orphans, thousands of displaced families and thousands still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. To complicate the issues of displacement and PTSD, an above average number of the children have disabilities and facilities are insufficient to cope. Hence, all the healthy families able to work are most likely not only supporting their own family but many extended family members as well. Many mothers are unable to work, having to meet the needs of children who many not be in the school system.  Given these realities, having a Habitat Home makes a major difference in being able to break the poverty spiral. Many families desperately need a hand up. Come and you can help make that happen for at least one more family!  2. Best way to have fun: helping others. Joining a build team will prove to be an exciting cultural exchange and opportunity to make new friends. 3.Authentic. No tourist gimmicks or glossy brochures! We follow the local paths, work shoulder to shoulder with the families in the community to see the daily routines, hear their stories, and share the joys of creating a new home together. 4.Demands are simple, requirements few: flexibility, inclusive & positive attitude, warm heart, helping hands, and lots of smiles! 5. You’re in good hands. I’m familiar with Sri Lanka and know my way around; the in-country coordinator is awesome!

What to know about Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka? 
Habitat has been working in Sri Lanka since 1994. The country program is delivered through Habitat Resource Centers that support satellite centers and individual projects in four regions. Habitat builds and renovates homes with families who save toward the cost of their houses and are willing to contribute their own labor in building their new homes. HFH Sri Lanka helps families rebuild their homes following disasters such as after the floods of Spring 2016, December 2010, and the 2004 Asian tsunami.  Habitat also lends its expertise to the 1000s of citizens displaced by four long years of civil conflict. 
Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka uses the Building in Stages model as it recognizes that low-income people cannot afford to build a whole new house at one time. Habitat provides small interest-free loans to help families build their houses incrementally. This model reduces the financial burden on the family and instills a sense of pride as the family can see the progress of their house being built as a result of their contribution and effort.  Under the model, once the family repays the initial mortgage, a second loan is taken out to finance a second section—either the addition of another room to the existing house or additional work such as plastering or flooring. HFH Sri Lanka offers other expertise such as providing families with designs for low-cost houses. Families offer raw materials and contribute their own labor to build their houses. Habitat staff may provide technical advice and supervision during the construction progress to ensure quality control.  You can access full information about Sri Lanka on the Habitat website,  http://www.habitat.org/where-we-build/sri-lanka. 

What our time together looks like

Sat July 29 Day 1 Travel/Arival Day. Arrive in Sri Lanka and o/n in beach town of Negombo, not far from airport.
Sun July 30 Day 2 Travel from Negombo by bus to site location near Kandy. Orientation and welcome dinner.
Mon July 31 Day 3 Build day
Tues Aug 1 Day 4 Build day
Wed Aug 2 Day 5  Half -day build and half-day cultural activity 
Thurs Aug 3 Day 6 Build day
Fri Aug 4 Day 7 Build day
Sat Aug 5 Day 8 R&R
Sun Aug 6 Day 9 R&R
Mon Aug 7 Day 10 Build day
Tues Aug 8 Day 11  Build. Farewell to Family. Farewell Dinner 
Wed Aug 9 Day 12  Departure. Continue your journey in Sri Lanka independently or return home.  

                                                                 (Please note that the above itinerary may be subject to changes)
Where we stay, what we eat 
Our lodging will be at one of the local hotels (with double occupancy). Breakfast will be taken at the hotel, lunch at the build site and dinner at local restaurants. Snacks and water will be provided at the worksite.

What will it cost?

The cost for this 12 day build in Sri Lanka will cost 
approximately $2250 + round-trip airfare + approximately $ 250 USD for R&R*.

The trip cost covers: lodging, food and ground transportation for the build portion of the trip, traveler’s medical insurance, orientation materials, and a donation to HFH Sri Lanka and the Global Village Canada program. Participants will need to arrange and pay for round-trip air transportation from their point of departure to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Flight arrangements must be made in consultation with the team leader.

There are additional travel costs such as passport, visa and immunizations, which the team leader will discuss with you after signup. These costs are not tax deductible.
*Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue two separate charitable donation tax receipts:  trip costs and eligible airfare (airfare receipt is processed after your trip). The costs for R&R portion of the trip are not eligible for a tax receipt and this money must not be sent to HFH Canada.  Your team leader will let you know how to pay this*.  

*The R & R portion of the trip will be the weekend of Aug 5 & 6 and is in the planning phase. An activity included in this budget may also take place on Day 1, either in Negombo or on route to Kandy. Details will be given to participants once the team is formed. The cost of R & R is usually within the vicinity of $250 USD.  The dates we are in Kandy coincide with Kandy’s Esala Perahera, a spectacular event not to be missed. It is one of the oldest and grandest of all Buddhist festivals. This extraordinary multi-day annual event fills the city and includes grand and colorful processions of elephants, dancers and musicians in colorful and traditional costumes. Consideration will be given to this special festival whilst planning the R&R itinerary, which could include a day trip by bus to the famous sites of Sigiriya and Dambulla.

Meet the Team Leader: Sharon Vipond
Hi Everyone!  
I would like to invite you to participate in this exciting and highly sought-after team build in Sri Lanka.  I have truly enjoyed all four of my trips to Sri Lanka and have made many friends there over the years. One of those visits (Nov 2013) I was as leader of a GV Habitat team; my most recent trip to the Kandy area was August 2016.  Each time I go back I am equally smitten with the people, the culture, and the natural beauty of Sri Lanka: the pearl of the orient. 

To be part of a community project there is heart warming: they instantly welcome you with not only their generous hospitality but also their friendship through warm smiles, helping hands, team trust and fabulous food. Each day there is the opportunity to savor some of the foods and spices found in the traditional Sri Lankan kitchen: blends of fragrant teas, vine-ripened fruits, freshly grated cinnamon, and the endless varieties of vegetable and meat curries.  To start your day, there is always the possibility to be awakened by either the song of an exotic bird or, the sound of playful monkeys outside your bedroom window!  And, to top it off, be ready for those jaw-dropping moments when an elephant or two silently but majestically lumber by.

I have been a community volunteer project team leader for High School students and adults since 2002 and serving GV teams since 2005, with builds in various countries within Central America and Asia. Sri Lanka remains a favorite, not only the people I have met but also for the kind and long-term Habitat in-country coordinator, who has an open rapport with the communities and can bring the team and the family together with such natural enthusiasm kindness and harmony.

I founded a social enterprise in 2012 to assist disenfranchised women, working primarily within the creative sphere, find a sustainable livelihood through opening some distribution channels within the international marketplace.  Currently, I am working with women’s co-operatives in south-east Asia and Central America, some of which developed from relationships within Habitat communities. 
Please feel free to contact me at scvipond@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about this trip or apply now using our on-line application!


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