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How To Apply For A Global Village TripMake a difference for families around the world!
Check out the trip schedule below to see where you can go to help build a home.  Click the country name for detailed information, including itinerary and trip costs.

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Vulnerable Children

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September 23 - October 1, 2017 

Our children return home project

 If you believe everyone deserves access to safe, clean, and affordable  housing;  if     you   get pleasure in seeing others succeed; if you enjoy being part of something bigger than yourself; if you like to work hard and have fun while making new friends and creating memories you will cherish for the rest of your life, then this is the trip for you! 

  Why should I go to Chile?

Chile is wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, stretched long and skinny down the south-western end of South America.The country boasts one of the longest coast lines in the world, it is also home to world class wine and enough natural beauties to complete anyone’s bucket list.                

Chile’s government is working hard on decreasing the poverty levels which have been sliced in half over the past two decades, however there at still 2.5 million people in Chile remain below the poverty line. High living costs partnered with high commodity prices make it impossible or near impossible for those below the poverty line to survive.

It is a highly urbanized country, with nearly 86 percent of its 16.6 million people living in urban settings.  However, Chile has one of the highest economic divides in the world and the present challenge is overcoming that gap.  Habitat is working in the country to make permanent housing affordable for families – and help families secure the right to their own land.

Tell me about Habitat for Humanity Chile

Since its inception in 2001 Habitat for humanity Chile has built houses for more than 12,000 families in various communities across the country. There is continuous construction in each region and various new communities are currently in the process of establishing affiliation with Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity Chile has a special program that is very unique. It is called Our Children Return Home. This program works closely with hospitals, health centers as well as other organizations. The goal is of the project is to provide house additions or improvements for the parents of severely ill children. That helps to free up hospital beds if the child is still in hospital, it also provides a suitable environment in the family home where the child can be well cared for.

Habitat for Humanity Chile also has other programs such as the Golden Years which help the elderly population. Other programs also include disaster relief for those effected by natural disasters.


What will my week look like?

  • Sat. Sep. 23 - Team Arrives in Chile and travel to hotel
  • Sun. Sep. 24 - R&R Day in Santiago
  • Mon. Sep. 25 – Fri Sep. 29. -  Build Days
  • Sat. Sep. 30  - R&R Day
  • Sun. Oct. 1 - Team Departs,  or continue travel  on your own

(Please note that the above itinerary may be subject to changes)


 Where will I stay? What will I eat?

Our lodging will be at one of the local hostels. It is in a central location with places to explore at the end of the day. It also has free wi-fi and laundry services available for a small fee. A typical meal in Chile will consist of some form of meat, a salad, bread and seasonal vegetables. Vegetarian options are also available. Snacks and water will be provided at the worksite.


What will it cost?

The cost for this 8 day opportunity to build in Chile is approximately
$2,400 + round-trip airfare + $500 for R&R*

The trip cost covers: lodging, food, and ground transportation for the build portion of the trip, traveler’s medical insurance, orientation materials, and a donation to HFH Chile and the Global Village Canada program. Flight arrangements must be made in consultation with the team leader.

*Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the trip cost and the eligible airfare – these will be 2 separate receipts.  The costs for R&R portion of the trip are not eligible for a tax receipt and this money must not be sent to HFH Canada.  Your team leader will let you know how to pay this.

There are additional travel costs such as passport, visa and immunizations which the team leader will discuss with you.  These costs are not tax deductible. 


Meet the Team Leader: Jon Berg

Hi, my name is Jonathan Berg, and I hope to be your team leader! I started as a participant for the American affiliate in Alaska and have since led teams to Costa Rica twice, New Orleans as well as El Salvador. As I team leader I believe in definitely making use of our time building and helping out but also creating an equal balance of work and cultural experiences.

I’m originally from Montreal, QC and moved to Halifax, NS in 2005. This past year I’ve moved to Calgary, AB so you can pretty much say I’m not only a world traveler but a Canadian one as well. Volunteer work has always been my passion and Habitat for Humanity Global Village has a permanent place in my heart.

If you would like to learn more about this trip, feel free to contact me at or apply now using our on-line application!

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