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Trip Schedule

Make a difference for families around the world!How To Apply For A Global Village Trip
Check out the trip schedule below to see where you can go to help build a home.  Click the country name for detailed information, including itinerary and trip costs.

For more information, contact Global Village at:  globalvillage@habitat.ca, or call (519) 885-4565 ext 501.


The Global Village office is closed for the Labour Day weekend and will reopen on Tuesday, September 2. Please submit your application and we will process it on Tuesday.  Thanks for volunteering with the Global Village program!
Africa/Middle East
Destination Dates Trip Type, Team Leader
Zambia (Trip Full) Oct. 18/14 - Oct. 28/14 Open Team, Angie Salonen
Ethiopia Nov. 01/14 - Nov. 15/14 Open Team, Lindsey and Kevin Cox
Ethiopia Jan. 18/15 - Jan. 30/15 Open Team, Mel Earley
Destination Dates Trip Type, Team Leader
Malaysia (Trip Full) Oct. 12/14 - Oct. 24/14 Open Team, Tammy Carter
Thailand (Volunteers needed!) Oct. 26/14 - Nov. 06/14 Open Team, Barb and Dave Bjarneson
Philippines Nov. 16/14 - Nov. 30/14 Open Team, Laura Wilson
Vietnam (Trip Full) Nov. 22/14 - Dec. 06/14 Open Team, Eric Wickberg
Nepal (Christmas Build) Dec. 22/14 - Jan. 03/15 Open Team, Kathryn Petrovich
India Jan. 11/15 - Jan. 24/15 Open Team, Bryan McDonald
Cambodia (Trip Full) Jan. 17/15 - Jan. 26/15 Open Team, Gloria Howe
Bali, Indonesia (Trip Full) Jan. 24/15 - Feb. 05/15 Open Team, Mike Sheffer
Malaysia Feb. 01/15 - Feb. 13/15 Open Team, Ken Rutherford and Rhonda Gomes
Destination Dates Trip Type, Team Leader
Hawaii Nov. 15/14 - Nov. 24/14 Open Team, John Roe
Hawaii Dec. 29/14 - Jan. 09/15 Open Team, Susanne Dittmer
Destination Dates Trip Type, Team Leader
Macedonia (Trip Full) Sep. 20/14 - Sep. 29/14 Open Team, Mel Earley
Portugal (Trip Full) Oct. 25/14 - Nov. 02/14 Open Team, Gabrielle Martell
Armenia Apr. 25/15 - May. 04/15 Open Team, Bryan McDonald and Tammy Carter
Latin America/Caribbean
Destination Dates Trip Type, Team Leader
Chile (Trip Full) Oct. 19/14 - Oct. 31/14 Open Team, Murray Coates
El Salvador (Trip Full) Oct. 25/14 - Nov. 02/14 Open Team, Rita Baita
Argentina (Trip Full) Oct. 26/14 - Nov. 08/14 Open Team, Kevin Whyte
Honduras Nov. 01/14 - Nov. 09/14 Open Team, Terri and Ram Venkataramaiah
Guatemala Nov. 08/14 - Nov. 17/14 Open Team, John Hollands
Argentina (Trip Full) Nov. 15/14 - Nov. 24/14 Open Team, Alan Dickinson
Nicaragua Nov. 22/14 - Nov. 30/14 Open Team, Celina Ahloy
El Salvador Nov. 29/14 - Dec. 07/14 Open Team, Simmone Park and Melissa Brannagan
Costa Rica Dec. 06/14 - Dec. 14/14 Open Team, Nicole Hrinco
Costa Rica Jan. 24/15 - Feb. 02/15 Open Team, John Ayearst
Trinidad and Tobago Feb. 21/15 - Mar. 01/15 Open Team, Todd Payne