Habitat for Humanity - Global Village - Trip Schedule

Trip Schedule

Make a difference for families around the world!How To Apply For A Global Village Trip
Check out the trip schedule below to see where you can go to help build a home.  Click the country name for detailed information, including itinerary and trip costs.

For more information, contact Global Village at:  globalvillage@habitat.ca, or call (800) 667-5137

Africa/Middle East
Destination Dates Trip Type Team Leader
Zambia Apr. 25/15 - May. 09/15 Vulnerable group housing Fraser Anderson
Destination Dates Trip Type Team Leader
Nepal (Trip Full) Dec. 22/14 - Jan. 03/15 Volunteer at Christmas! Kathryn Petrovich
Bali, Indonesia (Trip Full) Jan. 24/15 - Jan. 04/15 Home construction Mike Sheffer
Cambodia Jan. 30/15 - Feb. 09/15 Home construction Sarah Reaume
New Zealand (Trip Full) Mar. 08/15 - Mar. 21/15 Home construction Ernie Fraser
Philippines (Trip Full) Mar. 15/15 - Mar. 29/15 Disaster Relief Project Alan Dickinson
Destination Dates Trip Type Team Leader
Portugal (Trip Full) Mar. 28/15 - Apr. 06/15 Home improvement Doug Amirault
Armenia Apr. 25/15 - May. 04/15 Home construction Bryan McDonald and Tammy Carter
Latin America/Caribbean
Destination Dates Trip Type Team Leader
Costa Rica (Volunteers needed!) Dec. 06/14 - Dec. 14/14 Home construction Nicole Hrinco
Guatemala (Trip Full) Jan. 03/15 - Jan. 17/15 Home construction Sharon Vipond
Costa Rica Jan. 10/15 - Jan. 18/15 Home Construction Jonathan Berg
Mexico (Volunteers needed!) Jan. 17/15 - Jan. 25/15 Home construction Laura Wilson
Honduras Feb. 14/15 - Feb. 22/15 Home construction Dennis Mitschke
Nicaragua Feb. 28/15 - Mar. 09/15 Home construction John Hollands
Guatemala Mar. 01/15 - Mar. 10/15 Home Construction Haytham Maki
El Salvador Mar. 14/15 - Mar. 22/15 Home Construction Johanna Fernandez
Honduras Mar. 21/15 - Mar. 30/15 Home Construction Laura Gibson and Steve Boyd
Destination Dates Trip Type Team Leader
Louisiana Feb. 02/15 - Feb. 10/15 Home construction Angela Britten
Hawaii Feb. 07/15 - Feb. 15/15 Home construction Amber Lin