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Open Team
Budapest, Hungary

September 6 - 20, 2014

If you enjoy traveling with a purpose and making a positive difference in the lives of other people, a Global Village trip to Hungary is a perfect fit for you. Join a group of like-minded people in helping improve the housing situation for a family in Hungary and also experience the richness of another culture. Construction and building experience are not necessary to join the trip – just a positive attitude, willingness to work hard and a sense of humour.

About Hungary and Budapest

Sitting at the crossroads of Europe, Hungary is located in Central Europe’s Carpathian Basin and has long been a link between the east and west. Hungary has a population of 10 million in a geographic area a bit larger than the province of New Brunswick and shares borders with several countries – Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.

Hungary has a temperate climate – warm summers and cold winters with a substantial amount of snow. The topography is mostly flat with modest mountainous terrain along the Slovakian border. As a member country of the European Union, Hungary has been undergoing significant economic reform since 2004 to align more closely with western European countries and in response to the global economic downturn.

With a population of about two million, one-fifth of the country’s population live in Budapest. The city is the political, cultural and economic centre of Hungary. Our Global Village project will be in a town near Budapest.

Habitat for Humanity Hungary

Habitat Hungary was founded in 1996 and since then has helped more than 2,200 low-income families improve their housing situation by focusing on low-cost approaches to create more sustainable and energy efficient homes.

Approximately 1.2 million Hungarians live in inadequate housing. Of about four million homes, more than 400,000 do not have a water line and even more (670,000) do not have a flush toilet. Housing problems are characterized by poor quality and unaffordability rather than a lack of units.

Hungary has one of the most limited public rental sectors in Europe. While this is the only viable housing option for most low-income families, the public rental sector covers only a small part of the demand and rental units typically are in bad condition. The financial crisis has resulted in high inflation in Hungary for food and day-to-day services, which in turn means that housing affordability has become an even greater challenge in recent years.

The Global Village program makes an important contribution to the work of Habitat Hungary in addressing the housing crisis and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Itinerary (tentative)
  • Sept. 6 (Sat): team meets in Budapest
  • Sept. 7 (Sun): settling in; Habitat Hungary orientation & welcome dinner
  • Sept. 8 (Mon): travel to the affiliate location; worksite orientation; 1st build day
  • Sept. 9-13 (Tues-Sat): build days
  • Sept. 14 (Sun): R&R
  • Sept. 15-17 (Mon-Wed): build days; farewell dinner with family on 17th
  • Sept. 18-19 (Thu-Fri): R&R
  • Sept. 20 (Sat): Departure
Accommodations and Meals

Our lodging will be in basic, safe and clean hotels with two or more people sharing rooms. Breakfast will be taken at the hotel, lunch at the worksite and dinner at local restaurants. Snacks and bottled water will be provided at the worksite.

Our R&R activities will be centred in Budapest and area. There is a wide range of R&R activities available in the city and the surrounding area.

This trip to Hungary will cost approximately $2150  +  round-trip airfare + approximately $360 for the R&R portion.*

The $2150 Habitat contribution covers:   lodging, food and ground transportation for the build portion of the trip, traveler’s medical insurance, orientation materials, and a donation to HFH Hungary and the Global Village Canada program. Participants will need to arrange and pay for round-trip air transportation from their point of departure to Budapest, Hungary. Flight arrangements must be made in consultation with the team leader.

*Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue two separate charitable donation tax receipts: 1) for the Habitat trip fee; and 2) one for the eligible airfare (the airfare related tax receipt is issued after the trip). Costs for the R&R portion of the trip are not eligible for a tax receipt and this money must not be sent to HFH Canada. The team leader will let you know how to pay the R&R cost.

**There will be additional travel costs or requirements such as passport, visa, entry/exit fees and immunizations that the team leader will discuss with team members. The additional costs are the responsibility of individual team members and are not eligible for a tax receipt. Passports must be current and valid for at least six months beyond the dates of the trip.**

Team Leader

The team leader for this trip is Ernie Fraser from Victoria, B.C. My first on-the-ground experience with Global Village was in Hungary in 2006 and I am excited to be returning to this great country. Since 2006, I have led 11 trips – Romania (2X), Poland, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nepal, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and New Mexico (2X). I will be leading a trip to Northern Canada (Yukon) in June 2014. GV trips offer a perfect combination – an opportunity to do important work, travel to interesting places and work with local people.

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