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Check out the trip schedule below to see where you can go to help build a home.  Click the destination name for detailed information, including itinerary and trip costs.

For more information, contact Global Village at:  globalvillage@habitat.ca, or call (800) 667-5137


New Builds Veles

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Habitat Macedonia - Veles

(New Builds)


Volunteer in Macedonia whilst giving a "hand up" to families in need


February 8th - February 16th 2020

The New Builds Veles program began in 2009, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Municipality of Veles and local residents. The first phase ended in 2011 and the second phase ended in 2017.

The newest project in Veles is underway and it will take place in the same neighbourhood as the existing buildings of New Builds Veles. It is considered the third phase of the same project. The new building will be three floors high and house 12 apartments. The construction will take place from its basis and there will be, again, some assistance from the homeowners, their future neighbours, domestic and Global Village volunteers. 

The target groups in this project were low income families, young couples with children and young couples living in substandard conditions.


Habitat for Humanity Macedonia

Habitat for Humanity Macedonia is a housing organization dedicated to providing simple, decent and affordable housing solutions for low income families living in substandard conditions. Habitat for Humanity Macedonia's activities include building and financing homes, advocacy, strengthening capacities and developing communities. As an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International since 2004, Habitat for Humanity Macedonia has supported more than 2,784 families in housing improvement and 2,801 in housing support services, contributing to the 500,000 partner families worldwide.To find out more about Habitat for Humanity Macedonia, please visit their website here

Habitat Building or in-country schedule (subject to change)

 Saturday, February 8th  

 Arrive and overnight in Skopje

 Sunday, February 9th     

 Cultural Day and Welcome Orientation

 Monday, February 10th - Thursday,February   13th 

 Build days

 Friday, February 14th  

 Final build day and Farewell

 Saturday, February 15th  

 Non-build day activities as determined by the   team leader

 Sunday, February 16th

 Depart for Canada

Typical Housing Solutions

HFH Macedonia builds using traditional and culturally specific methods. 
Typical Volunteer Tasks
1. Excavation 2. Rebarring 3. Forming 4. Filling forms with concrete 5. Preparing trusses 6. Gluing 7. Painting 8. Assisting with electrical, plumbing and sewage elements. 

Habitat Individual Donation

The Habitat individual donation for this 9 day opportunity to build with Habitat Macedonia is approximately $1,980 (1) + air transportation (2) + $200 non-build day activities (3)

(There are additional costs such as passport, visa and immunizations which the team leader will discuss with you. These costs are not tax receipted) 

(1) The Habitat individual donation covers all costs associated with hosting volunteers on the project site as well as support to the project and programs of the local HFH organization: room and board, ground transportation to and from the build site, orientation materials, transportation, traveler's medical insurance, and a donation to Habitat Macedonia and to Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village programs. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for this individual donation. 

(2) Volunteers will need to independently arrange and pay for air transportation from their point of departure to Skopje. This must be done once project dates and the final project have been confirmed by the team leader. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the eligible airfare.

(3) Non-build days consist of activities organized by the team leader where you will take some time to rest, acclimatize, and reflect on your experience in addition to discovering local customs and cultures. Expenses for non-build days including accommodations, meals and activities are not eligible for tax receipts and are paid separately by the team, not to Habitat for Humanity Canada as part of the donation. 

Should volunteers need assistance with booking flights or non-build day activities, insurance or other services they may be interested in, please consider looking into industry registered travel agents with your local province. 

Team Leader

My name is Megan Salloum and I live in Edmonton, Alberta and work as a Manager for the Support team and Work from Home program with EPCOR. This will be my 7th build, and second as a Team Leader! I have done builds in El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and led my first build in Honduras last year. Since my first build I’ve been hooked on Global Village builds because I love travelling with a purpose, and I always feel that I gain way more than I give. If you are looking for a memorable travel experience and making a difference in someone’s life (and don’t mind getting dirty!)

Please feel free to contact me at megsalloum@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about the trip or apply now using our on-line application. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this incredible experience.  

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