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Create your own "GivingPage" to solicit online donations for Friends of Global Village!
You can create a GivingPage in order to raise funds for Friends of Global Village.  A GivingPage also allows you to monitor your donations as they come in.  To create a GivingPage for the first time, follow these steps:
  1. Go to: www.canadahelps.org
  2. Under 'How to Give', select 'Create a GivingPage'
  3. Select the red tab on the right side of the page that say 'Create a GivingPage'
  4. Under 'New GivingPage Users', select 'Register with Canada Helps'
  5. Fill out the Registration Form, choose a password, and select 'Continue'
  6. Begin to Create a GivingPage; select 'Create One Now'
    • Type of Page - select 'Other'
    • Heading - choose a title (for example: Friends of Global Village)
    • Personal Message - write something for your donors to see (for example: Please help me to help others provide safe and decent homes around the world.  I was a member of a Global Village Team and saw firsthand the difference it can make in a famil's life.  By donating to my giving page, you will be investing in a world where everone has a decent place to live.)
    • Image - either upload an image (follow the steps), or choose 'no image'
    • Fundraising Goal - If you choose this, a small meter will appear on your page to show your donors how close you are to your goal (campaigns that raise $1000 or more will be recognized on our website and in our newsletter).
    • Display Donations - It is your choice how you would like your donations displayed.
    • Email Alerts - It is our choice if you would like emails sent when donations are made.
    • Page Expiry Date - Friends of Global Village in an ongoing campaign so your expiry date can be as distant as you like.  You must choose an expiry date.
    • Message to Charity - THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT!  The message to charity (Habitat for Humanity Canada) should say: 'Friends of Global Village', then select 'Continue'.
    • Charity Name - THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT!  You must select Habitat for Humanity Canada as your charity.  To do this: type, or copy and paste 'Habitat for Humanity Candaa' in the Charity Name box.  Do not choose Habitat for Humanity Canada Foundation, or any other Habitat affiliate.  Ignore other fields.  Click on Search.
    • ADD Habitat for Humanity Canada to your GivingPage.
    • If you wish, Preview your GivingPage.
    • Select 'Finish my GivingPage'.
Now your friends, family and donors can donate to Friends of Global Village through your GivingPage!
To send donors the web address / link for your GivingPage, select 'Invite people to view and donate through your GivingPage' OR, direct your donors to www.canadahelps.org and have them follow the steps to 'Find a GivingPage'.