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Fundraise For A Trip

Many of our participants have successfully raised funds for some or all of the trip and eligible airfare costs of their Global Village trips. Fundraising in your community is an exciting way to promote awareness of the need for decent, affordable housing in many parts of the world.

Every participant can fundraise for their trip costs and the eligible airfare/travel. Fundraising cannot commence until you have been accepted onto a trip. 

Global Village is pleased to offer a fundraising tool for participants. The online product has many templated solicitation letters, thank you emails and tracking devices. We encourage fundraisers to review the options. However, participants are welcome to fundraise in the manner of their choosing. Follow this link to the Fundraising Tool:

It is very important to understand that your local Habitat office is actively fundraising in your community. If you are thinking about requesting money from a business or corporation or fundraising in a public location, (setting up a display at a local store, advertising a dinner/silent auction fundraiser through your local paper, etc.) you must contact your local Habitat office before beginning to request their approval.  We want to make sure that your fundraising efforts are not in competition with theirs. Their contact information is on the HFH Canada website

Participants are free to fundraise among their friends, relatives and co-workers without contacting the local HFH offices. Please read our Fundraising Guide.

Please note: Municipal offices require any raffle or auction to be registered. Habitat for Humanity Canada is not able to support applications for raffles or auctions.