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Open-registration teams are designed to attract individuals who apply to join a Global Village team via the website where available trips are posted. Open team leaders may not know any of the applicants personally before the trip. At the time they are selected to join the team, the majority of team members have not previously met.

Closed-registration teams are made up of participants who are associated with the same partnering organization such as a church, school, university, corporation, family, friends, club members, associations, HFH affiliate or any other already-formed group. The team leader is a member of the partnering organization or group. If you represent an organized group wishing to plan a Global Village trip, please contact us at globalvillage@habitat.ca and we will have you complete a Trip Proposal Form to begin your planning.

Please click here How To Apply for instructions on how to join a team today!

Global Village is pleased to offer a fundraising tool for participants. The online product has many templated solicitation letters, thank you emails and tracking devices. Participants are welcome to fundraise in the manner of their choosing, however, we encourage fundraisers to register or review the options provided by clicking here Fundraise For A Trip .

Please click here to Support a Trip Participant or here to Donate make a payment towards your own trip.

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