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Please note that as a safety precaution due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in certain Asia Pacific countries, Habitat Canada will be re-routing all March builds in the Asia Pacific region. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and updates will be posted here.” If you have any questions or concerns, please contact globalvillage@habitat.ca.

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Habitat Malawi - Madisi

Join this Global Village team helping build safe and decent shelter for vulnerable populations in Malawi

May 02 - 10, 2020

This team will work with local masons and volunteers to build simple, decent housing with families in Malawi. We will also have opportunities to build relationships and make friends in another culture, and experience life in a traditional Malawian village whilst supporting a family through a 'hand up'.

Habitat for Humanity in Malawi

Described as the “Warm Heart Of Africa”, Malawi is among the world's least-developed countries. 78% of houses in Malawi are characterized as sub-standard and unsafe housing conditions with mud floors, thatched roofs, poor ventilation and no windows or secure doors. Such housing is conducive to the spread of diseases like respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections, particularly among children under five years of age and those with HIV- weakened immune systems. Habitat for Humanity Malawi Global Village builds support Orphans and Vulnerable Groups, especially those effected by the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic by providing a 'hand up' for a fresh start towards a healthier future.


Housing need and the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project

Unsanitary, temporary housing conditions, such as mud floors, thatched roofs, poor ventilation and no windows characterize 78% of houses in Malawi. These houses need constant repair and re-thatching because of the nature of materials used

One of the problems in the rural areas is that grass for thatching is becoming less and less available due to pressure on the land for agricultural use. Many families have sleepless nights during the rainy season due to leaking roofs. It creates a very damp and unhealthy atmosphere. Such housing is conducive to the spread of diseases like respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections, particularly among children under five years of age and those with HIV- weakened immune systems. Further, when parents die, the basic security and health afforded by a home are lost due to the interrelated issues of inheritance rights and inability to afford rentals or home maintenance. Houses of the poor that live the urban areas are slightly better, but often rented, have leaky roofs and are in crowded, and are in unsanitary conditions

It is estimated that in Malawi, 1.4million orphans have lost one or both parents largely due to the HIV and AIDS pandemic which is now at a 10.% prevalence rate . Most orphans are taken care of by their sibling (an older brother or sister) or a close relative in poor quality homes with mud walls, dirt floors, grass-thatched roofs and poor ventilation. These homes put the children at risks of disease, fires and in some cases even rape for the girl child

It is for such reasons that HFH Malawi started implementing the OVC project in some parts of Malawi which aims at providing shelter as one way of eliminating poverty and improving the lives of orphans and other vulnerable people.



 Saturday, May 02

 Arrive in Lilongwe, travel to Madisi

 Sunday, May 03

 Orientation and Welcome Dinner

 Monday, May 04 - Thursday. May 07

 Build Days

 Friday, May 08

 Build, dedication ceremony and farewell dinner 

 Saturday, May 09

 Team post-build activities, as determined by Team Leader

 Sunday, May 10

 Team post-build activities and departure.



Teams will stay in lodgings that are basic, safe and clean.  Rooms will be shared, and may include a private bathroom. They will have running water and electricity, although power cuts are common in Sub-Saharan Africa. Towels and bedding will be provided.


Habitat Individual Donation

The minimum individual donation to Habitat for this 9 day opportunity to build with Habitat Malawi is approximately $2,460.00 (1) + excluding Air Transportation (2) + approximately $300.00* non-build activities (3)

(There may be costs related to passports, visa and immunizations etc., which are the responsibility of the volunteer and are not eligible for tax receipts) 

*Please note - non-build day cost is preliminary, and subject to change. 

(1) The Habitat individual donation includes: daily living expenses (i.e. room & board) , traveler’s medical insurance, orientation materials, and a donation to Habitat for Humanity Malawi and to Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for this individual donation .

(2) Participants will need to independently arrange and pay for air transportation from their point of departure to Nairobi and must be done in consultation with the Team Leader. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the eligible airfare.

(3)  Non-build days compromise of activities organized by the team leader where you will take some time to rest, acclimatize, and reflect on your experience in addition to discovering local customs and culture.  Expenses for team-non build days including accommodations, meals and activities are not eligible for tax receipt and are paid separately by the team, not to Habitat for Humanity Canada as part of the donation.

Should volunteers need assistance with booking flights or non-build day  activities, insurance or other services they may be interested in,  please consider looking into industry registered travel agents within your local province.

There are additional travel costs such as passport and immunizations which the team leader will discuss with you.  These costs are not tax deductible


Meet your Team Leader: Bob Dickeson and Joan Cossentine


Hi we are Bob and Joan! We have enjoyed working on many international builds with Global Village including 9 as team leaders. It is exciting to have this opportunity to build in Malawi. HFH builds are terrific opportunities to help others while learning about the local culture and working with great people. Please consider joining us for this build. No construction experience is necessary. If you are looking for an adventure that gives you an opportunity to make a positive change in someone’s life and are willing to be flexible, you will have an amazing experience.

Please feel free to contact us at dipnet@shaw.ca  if you would like to learn more about this trip or apply now using our on-line application.


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